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Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences

Created in 1998, the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences offers new and exciting opportunities for research and graduate education.

The department now consists of one hundred and thirty individuals including the chair, faculty, fellows, technicians, administrative staff and graduate students. The department occupies two floors of the Academic Research Building and laboratory space in adjacent buildings. All faculty members are actively contributing to research and education within the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine.

The department is also the academic home of the Division of Medical Genetics. The division provides clinical and laboratory genetics services to the northern Connecticut region, and in some instances, throughout the state. Our faculty’s research interests include RNA processing, genetic control of cell growth and differentiation, skeletal development, signal transduction, as well as genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation.

As of June 30, 2006, the departmentís external funding (direct and indirect) totaled over $7.5 million. In order to fulfill our departmental objectives, we will continue to increase external funding for our current research programs, enhance the national and international reputation of our faculty and their research, and continue the recruitment of outstanding faculty members with new and complementary areas of research expertise. Departmental faculty are playing a key role in the formation of a University of Connecticut Institute for Stem Cell Research.